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We produce goods
with love for women
We appreciate
true beauty
A happy woman means
a happy world around us
Our company
Belaya Manufactura is a cozy company with a big heart! We produce goods with the highest level of responsibility to our customers.

Our customers are women, sensitive, beautiful, caring, cheerful, and for them we put in our work all the beauty and care that we can fit in each package of our goods.

Offering everyday goods, we realize how important their quality and safety are. By creating products for children, we understand that we are building the future for our community. And we want to see our community happy!
Our mission

Our mission is to create the best everyday products for women, helping them to discover their multifaceted femininity and create a happy world around them and around us all.

We help women to be beautiful, healthy, cheerful, open, help them to be filled with energy, help them to bring up happy and healthy children. Belaya Manufactura produces goods with love for women!

Because a happy woman means a happy family, a happy community and a happy future!

Our responsibility

We understand that production is a huge responsibility not only to the consumers of our products, but also to our employees, suppliers, to the environment and to the community as a whole. Every day we make important decisions about choosing safe components for our products, about organizing safe working conditions, about reducing harmful emissions at our production sites, about compliance with agreements made with our partners. It is also noteworthy that we pay close attention to the sustainability of information that reaches our customers through marketing messages.

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Our contacts
Our products are present throughout Russia and CIS countries. If you have any questions regarding the company’s activities, feel free to contact us using the feedback form. If you have questions regarding specific territories, please, contact any of our distributors.
Our Brands
We create everyday goods, investing in them eternal values!
Our faces
We are always open to any dialogue about our products and our company.
Regional Manager
Ural Federal District, Siberian Federal District
Regional Manager
Far Eastern Federal District, Siberian Federal District, CIS Countries
Regional Manager
Southern Federal District, North Caucasian Federal District, Northwestern Federal District
Regional Manager
Volga Federal District, Central Federal District
Our principles

People are our core value! And we value every employee of our company, as each of them is a part of a whole single organism. The coordinated work of each department, like the coordinated work of organs, leads us to constant growth and development. It is our focus on an individual, on the individuality of each employee, that has helped us to achieve great success in such a short time!

Alexey Vladislavovich Rakushin, CEO

The main thing I value now is our company’s reputation in the eyes of our customers. With many of them we went through the opening of our first store or expansion of our network together. With most of our customers we have gone through the economic crises of our country together. We have looked for solutions in difficult situations together.
I’m grateful to each company and each manager for their trust and cooperation.
And for me trust is not just words. When making a decision, I always take into account not only the internal situation of my company, but also the peculiarities of development of each specific customer. Each proposal is made personally and is necessarily tested for the possibility of long-term development of our relationship.

Alexander Kutazov, CFO

Give your ideas a chance! This is the core principle of our marketing activities. Every day we work to make our ideas see the light of day. And our task is to make them come out in the best possible way.

Tatiana Murkina, Marketing Director
Belaya Manufactura LLC: Kominterna Str. 41В, 603014, Nizhny Novgorod.
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