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Responsibility to our community

We understand our responsibility to the community, first of all, as the information field we create around our products. As it is know, advertising does not remain in culture in its pure form, but it leaves a huge imprint on the development of society and formation of social values. Advertising shapes public images in such a way that a consumer can hardly say later on where he or she gets these images from, since they are just unconsciously embedded in his or her life.

We pay utmost attention to what values, images and principles we broadcast to society. Each of our trademarks is internally censored in terms of marketing personality and brand morality. We have refused to form a consumer society or any consumer’s habits that threaten the consumer’s health, physical or mental.

Our brands broadcast only proven moral values to society:

The Rasseya brand calls for respect for natural feminine beauty of any age or shape, we say that a woman is beautiful when she just smiles!

The Umka brand speaks about the importance of parental care in the first three years of a baby’s life and encourages to take care of the baby’s health, strengthen the baby’s immune system and develop the talents shown by a baby literally from the first steps.

The Lachista brand calls for respect for women’s labor. We know how devalued woman’s work at home, creating comfort and cleanliness, is nowadays. We tell women that they are beautiful when they take care of their homes and families.

The Econel brand calls for taking care of nature, protecting the environment from harmful emissions, restoring natural resources.

The GreenDay encourages women to be closer to nature as our main source of strength, energy and inspiration.

We would like all companies in the world to be passionate about creating a community with high moral values. Then we all can live in a truly happy world.

Responsibility to our customers

Responsibility to our customers is the main part of any project aimed at creating new products. We aim to find an opportunity to offer something better to a consumer in each of our products. It applies both to our product formulations, in which we try to eliminate, as much as possible, any components hazardous to human and the environment, and packages, which we try to make convenient and safe to the greatest extent possible, and our activities, which should bring a real benefit to our consumers, and our pricing policy, which is aimed at creating high-quality products at the most affordable prices, and, certainly, our marketing messages, which should be environmentally friendly in the minds of our consumers.


We are constantly studying scientific developments in the field of cosmetics and household chemicals, and recent research regarding properties of various components. Our production is very mobile, and we quickly implement improvements of the consumer properties in our products. For us, the low cost of a formulation has never been a priority in our work, our priority is safety for our consumers. We never introduce any components with a questionable reputation into our products. Our production facilities are equipped with multi-level water purification systems, and a quality control of all incoming components is in place, we work only with proven responsible suppliers, and all of our extracts have been tested for the presence of active components.

What we do is really important to us.

Responsibility for preservation of natural resources

Every manufacturing company today has a great responsibility for its attitude to the use of natural resources. In our company, this issue is looked upon very seriously, and we do not release any of our employees from this responsibility. Natural resources are in such a state today that taking care of them is a task of every person, and we should solve this task constantly, just as we solve everyday household tasks, starting from turning off computers after hours, reducing the number of printed documents by replacing them with electronic copies, and to reducing production waste and electricity consumption at production sites. We have launched at our production facilities a plan to update our equipment with environmental protection and sustainability in mind.

As part of our marketing campaigns, we develop projects aimed at protection and restoration of natural resources. For several years, we have been personally involved in activities to restore urban water bodies, as well as supporting and sponsoring the programs of our partners.

We hope to conduct large-scale environmental programs in the near future of serious importance to the entire Earth. And we are eager to have our partners and customers by our side by this moment.

Responsibility to our children

Our children are us in the future. All of our executives and decision makers have children. Many directors have the status of parents with large families. This is probably our strictest quality control, which we have inside us. We want our children to live in better conditions. We want to leave them a clean, healthy and happy world. After all, most of us could hardly have a more serious meaning of life.

We pay maximum attention to the care of children. We sponsor most of the activities available to us to promote children’s creativity and health. We increase the level of awareness among young parents regarding the use of children’s goods. We support prospective parents through community programs and by providing assistance to medical institutions. We provide financial support to charity funds and institutions that help children in difficult life situations.

All our products developed for babies have the highest level of safety, which we have been able to achieve within our company. We comply with the improved quality standards at the level of European countries, far exceeding the regulatory requirements adopted in our country. Every component in our products is scrutinized by all employees involved in the development process, from process engineers to marketing specialists, and we pay special attention to controversial ingredients, if their safety is questionable, we look for an alternative. We strictly comply with all the promises made by us on a package. The majority of our baby products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards.

We want all children to be healthy and happy!

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