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We create everyday products putting eternal values in them.


UMKA is a Russian series of products for babies from the first days of life.

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The cosmetics, household and hygiene products for babies are created in compliance with the highest requirements for product safety according to pharmaceutical quality standards.

Formulations are based on natural vegetable components and are free of any substances hazardous to health.

Clinically proven to be hypoallergenic.

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Lachista: bright products for a bright home!

A full range of household products in a colorful carnival design.

We help women take care of their homes and create beauty and coziness in them. No more household troubles, now taking care of our homes is our daily little holiday!

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Rasseya is a true beauty brand!

Rasseya is a female name, in Old Slavonic it means ‘the one who is carrying the light’, ‘sowing the light’.

For us, it means a primordial woman, being just like nature has created her, with freckles or upturned nose, with curls or straw colored hair, slim or with soft shapes.

This is a wise and loving woman, which over the years becomes only more beautiful!

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GreenDay is a natural care of women’s health.

The tenderness of rose petals and lightness of butterfly wings lie in the basis of our most delicate products for care of women’s health.

Eco-friendly composition of ultra-thin feminine hygiene products made of the softest hypoallergenic materials.

Created with love for women!

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GreenDay Antibacterial

GreenDay Antibacterial is safe and efficient germ and bacteria protection for the whole family.

Carefully selected formulations with undecylenic acid and natural extracts have excellent skin compatibility.

The products are free of harmful ingredients, including triclosan and its derivatives.

Safety Med

Safety is efficient and safe oral care at home. Its safe formulations, which are triclosan, paraben and SLS free, innovative components and natural extracts are the secret of this product’s success.


Econel is a harmony of nature and innovations.

High-efficient series of eco-friendly, clean and safe household chemicals.

All products of this series are as safe as possible for the environment, human, surfaces used and household appliances.


Modern approach and professional quality.

UMA is a series of household chemicals for laundry, care and creation of cleanliness at home.

UMA is a brand that meets all the requirements for modern household chemicals all over the world. Household chemicals without compromise: innovative formulations, concentrated formulas, biodegradable ingredients for a perfect result!

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Lulo: time for brilliant ideas!

Daily hygiene products to help generate brilliant ideas! It’s all about being in the right place at the right time!

The formulation is chlorine, adhesive, fragrance and fluorescent additive free. The composition is allergen free and absolutely natural, the paper is made of 100% high quality cellulose.

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Utya is a new household products and cosmetics series for children.

Its main advantage is low prices from a responsible manufacturer.

Childhood will be more fun with Utya!

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Zavkhoz: quality proven over the years!

The name ‘Zavkhoz’ refers us to the Soviet part and to certain associative images, where there is certainly a place for a facility, mop, cleaning, the administrative manager (i.e. ‘zavkhoz’) and, of course, the smell of chlorine.

Despite of its simplicity and affordability, Zavkhoz will perfectly eliminate any dirt, bacteria or viruses.

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